Tag: Illustration

Judy Kaufmann

Sweet, whimsical illustrations & prints by Judy Kaufmann. Chad and I have a tiny bit of an art buying habit and our house is full to the brim. Someone else get these please? At $28 a pop, it’s hard to say no.

Robin Cottage

Got lost in these on Sunday afternoon, they remind me a bit of Ephameron’s work. Robin Cottage Illustration.

Lost World's Fairs

You know when you get really busy and the Internet blows up in your absence, but then there’s all this exciting stuff to catch up on after you’ve unearthed yourself? I always look forward to that. I’m not quite there yet this week, but I just had to post about this despite being so sleepy… Read more »

Saelee Oh

Drawing, painting, and cut-paper from Saelee Oh. Sweet and playful, but not too saccharine.

Project Thirty Three

Gorgeous album covers on Project Thirty Three, curated by Jive Time Records. Via AisleOne.