Tag: Illustration

Cristobal Shmal

This kid’s stuff makes me want to find time to work on my own illustration again.

Stuff No-One Told Me

Stuff No-One Told Me is a cartoon blog by illustrator Alex Noriega. His stuff reads like a Cathy cartoon, but way more funny. You know how sometimes you find inspiration that just exactly fits where you’re at that day? This was that for me this afternoon. Via Kris Atomic.

Nike AirMax Illustrations

This project by Matt Stevens totally stopped me in my tracks (pun intended, of course). Matt has cleverly mimicked each of his favorite designer’s styles on an illustration of the classic Nike Air Max 1. From top to bottom: Nicholas Felton, Jason Munn, Armin Vit, Jessica Hische, Chip Kidd, Aesthetic Apparatus, Frank Chimero, Always With… Read more »


Lovely website & poster work by Doublenaut. Via Siteinspire.

Katrin Hagen

These today, because they make me laugh. Lots more on Katrin Hagen’s site as well. Via Art Milk.