Tag: Illustration

Mum's Collaged Video

I just saw this AWESOME video last night, They Made Frogs Smoke Until They Exploded (equally awesomely titled) from Co-Prosperity Sphere’s Animation Festival. Definitely going to be one of my favorites, I love the song used as well from the always excellent Icelandic band, Mum.

New Mike Perry Site

Check THIS madness. I’ve never seen Mike Perry’s work displayed so clearly and accessibly, and while I was impressed before, this is a whole other level of appreciation. Awesome work.

Sean Alexander

Interview & work of Sean Alexander found on Fecal Face. Detailed, textural & pattern-ific. I heart it.

The Seed

The little vid from British production company Nexus is charming. Embed isn’t an option, but you can view it here. Via Graphic Hug.

The Best Balloons

The 2008 Best Of lists are starting to crop up, here’s an unconventional one: Best Balloons on the web in 2008. Who doesn’t love balloons? Source.