Lost World's Fairs

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You know when you get really busy and the Internet blows up in your absence, but then there’s all this exciting stuff to catch up on after you’ve unearthed yourself? I always look forward to that. I’m not quite there yet this week, but I just had to post about this despite being so sleepy that I’m in danger of face-planting into my laptop. Lost World’s Fair is a collaboration between three killer designers (Jason Santa Maria, Naz Hamid, and Frank Chimero), Typekit, and the wizards in charge of Internet Explorer 9 in a perfect union of pretty pictures and incredible technology. All this the new fangled web-trickery makes me fall in love with the internet all over again. It’s all like some beautiful, magical toy I get to play with. And halle-fricking-lujah for IE9, which finally promises to adhere to web standards to boot.

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