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Rod Hunting

Perhaps you may have seen my homie Rod Hunting’s camera prints around a few different places. He’s a busy dude these days, with doling out the smackdown in last week’s Layer Tennis, and adding some new prints to his repertoire. They can be purchased here or here. {Photo credit to Design*Sponge Sneak Peek with Alex… Read more »

Steven Harrington for Incase

Steven Harrington from Arkitip, Inc. on Vimeo. I was aware that Steven Harrington (this is my Dad’s name, incidentally) has done a collaboration with Incase & Arkitip, but I thought this video was a nice behind the scenes look at his process. Plus you get to see his house! I wish there was more because… Read more »

WPA Posters for Change

clockwise from left: Nick Dewar, Mike Perry, Christopher Silas Neal, and Christoph Neimann. Last month’s ReadyMade had a great feature that I think would resonate with a lot of artists & designers. In response to our current economic climate and in the tradition of the WPA, (the Works Progress Administration was a national initiative during… Read more »

Captain Cavity Cereal: Space Junk 2

I just love this zine from Andrew Neyer. It’s cereal box, printed by hand, filled with actual cereal but THEN his 64 page comic is shrink-wrapped inside. Just like a prize! Great work, great concept & great execution. More photos & review at Book By Its Cover.

Mel Kadel

I really really adore Mel Kadel’s work, I had such a hard time choosing which to post! It has a lot of the same qualities of Edward Gorey’s work, plus her use of color is simply inspired. More on her in this Fecal Face interview. Source.