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Could Be Me

Savas Ozay exo Sandra Krumins Could Be Me reads like a who’s-who of designers/illustrators/photographers/artistes extraordinare. Such a neat concept, they take the phrase, “It could be me, but it’s actually Paul Paper,” and incorporate it into what ever design they choose. It’s also a great way to find new artists.

Sneak Peek – Will Bryant

Pssst…I got some presents in my email today! Some super top secret brand new pieces by everyone’s favorite man with the fancy pants, Mr. Will Bryant. Thank you Will!

Imeus Design & L'Affiche Moderne

L’Affiche Moderne has a really great collection of work for sale, definitely a good source for inspiration. One that caught my eye today is Imeus Design. Really loving the simple & playful geometric style. Via DesignWorkLife

New Work – Sarah Watts

Coupla updates to illustrator, Sarah Watts’ portfolio site. She’s also got an open submissions call for people to send over their irrational fears, and then she draws them. Very cute idea. Thanks for the heads up Watts!

Richard Sarson

Holy smokes! This stuff knocks my frickin socks off! Richard Sarson uses a compass and meticulously draws these by hand using a ballpoint pen (a pen!) or a marker. He’s got a little stop-motion vid on his site that shows his process it’s as beautiful as the rest of his pieces too. I came across… Read more »