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Alt Summit Anyone?

This is honestly something that I assumed I’d never ever get to do. Me? A design blog conference? Crazy talk! Such a thing is for the pros! But me and Kate Singleton will be there in Salt Lake City, doing a roundtable discussion on what it means to be a BitBlogger. Who else is going?!… Read more »

Friday Links

+ 20×200 just launched a new print series of Valerie Roybal’s collages. That color is exactly how I want to start my Friday. + This roundtable discussion on the future of professional blogging written by some of the industry’s bigwigs is on my weekend reading list. (somewhat related, more Bitblogger interviews in the works too!)…. Read more »

Another 1st: Farm Anatomy giveaway!

It really is a week of firsts over here because I’m lucky enough to have in my hot little hands, a signed copy of Farm Anatomy by the one and only Julia Rothman. (Well, okay the PUBLISHER technically has the signed copy for one of you lucky ducks, but that just doesn’t sound as sexy)…. Read more »

I'm like a busker, kind of

I guess by pardon the dust I meant pardon the silence too, jeepers. I’ve been in the weeds since last Wednesday, helping code two different websites, designing another, revising logos for two different clients, and prepping to go to Portland (!!!) on Wednesday. But I want to talk about the graphic that went into the… Read more »

BitBlogger: Northcoast Zeitgeist

You know sometimes when you visit a blog and its author’s (or in this cause, authors’ plural) personality gallops off the screen and sticks in your brain like a stubborn earworm? Such is the case with Northcoast Zeitgiest, a blog I’ve been following since 2010. Joseph & Casey have things to say dammit, and they… Read more »