Alt Summit Anyone?

This is honestly something that I assumed I’d never ever get to do. Me? A design blog conference? Crazy talk! Such a thing is for the pros! But me and Kate Singleton will be there in Salt Lake City, doing a roundtable discussion on what it means to be a BitBlogger.

Who else is going?! Spill it so I can find you! Also, I know there’s someone out there in the internets to go dutch on a hotel room with me. Who are you?! Let’s bunk it up camp-style.

*Update! Roommate procured, the lovely Margaret Edith. Thank goodness I don’t have to shoulder the cost of the hotel myself! (Dude. Coming in at a cool $800 bones for a 4-night’s stay? Ouch. Having to shoulder that solo might’ve axed me from the whole event.) Plus I get a new friend out of this deal. Ahhh, that’s better.*


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