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Friday Links

Armin Vit on why stupidity is great, Via Swissmiss. So blogging didn’t happen so much in THIS space, but it did elsewhere if you’d like to wander over. My posts this week on The Fox Is Black: + ROA hits up Chicago + Nicholas Felton’s genius SVA students. And on Post 27’s blog: + It’s… Read more »

In Sum

Things that happened: + 7 blog posts (8 including this one) + 41 tweets + 17 new twitter followers + Emails I didn’t count, because I’m not sure I want to quantify that. The unread count is all that matters there anyway. + Hosted out-of-towners (hi Pops! How’s that sofa bed treating ya?) + 4… Read more »

The Fox Is Black

This is a day when I would like to kiss the entire Internet. The Fox Is Black has been one of my a-list favorite blogs since I discovered it right around the time I started blogging in 2008. When Bobby announced they were looking for female voices I thought it would be an excellent excuse… Read more »

Kick-Off Monday & FAQs

Since it’s a holiday today, most folks are trying their hardest to inject a little extra summer into their weekend. ie- Not reading blogs posts like this. Which totally means less pressure for me to get this writing project I’ve given myself off the ground, alright! I cheated and got a bit of a brainstorming… Read more »

Project Blogging Bonanza

Here’s this blogger’s conundrum. I’m in the middle of some exciting project and I’m nerding out on every stinking thing I see, but I’m so absorbed with the project itself (deadline! deadline! deadline!) that I find it hard to make time to blog. And then, during off-weeks when I’m between projects (like now) I find… Read more »