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2010 Recap

For once, I’m finding myself strangely silent. I think I’m going through that awkward existential stage every blogger experiences. Mulling over this space and my business (2 years now! Holy cow.) I know it’s time to make some game changes. How and what, exactly, are still just outside my grasp. Still, treasured readers, clients, collaborators,… Read more »

Friday Links (on Monday)

+ Jacqui Oakley sent me a hello announcing her new site, blog and Etsy. + Excited to see how this is going to go down on Kitsune Noir the Fox is Black. + Pretty, pretty web design at new-to-me find: Unmatched Style. + Holler! I got drafted (thank you, Sage Brown) this week to dribbble…. Read more »

Cusp Conference

Thanks to the generosity of Dawn Hancock of Firebelly Design who participated in the Cusp Conference last year, Chad Kouri & I are getting to attend this inspiration freak out fest. Channeling TED, Cusp brings together creatives from all sorts of industries for a series of small intimate discussions. Chad & I will be attending… Read more »

Jeff Hamada Interview

As of yesterday, after battling with at&t for nearly two weeks, I haaaaaave internet again! It’s like being off crutches for the first time! Hello friends! Are you still there? I sure hope so. It takes an especially good interview to keep my attention long enough to finish it. Black Harbor’s done an excellent one… Read more »

Friday Catch-up

I’ve spent the last four days building an installation for The Post Family’s We Are Family opening tonight and I totally didn’t anticipate how much it would be owning me. Whoops. It’s finally up and I’m pleased with how it came out, but I’m in the weeds big time. But I’m dying to tell you… Read more »