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Friday Links

+ My friend, Paper Source alum Elaine Fong is a new freelancer & has just re-launched her site. Her work (above) has class, bright pops of color and an Eames-y spin that is super fresh. Major props, high fives and hugs to Elaine! + The Setup: A bunch of nerdy interviews. What do people use… Read more »

Bring it, Monday.

Guys, it’s been at least six months since I’ve really felt that invested in blogging. (Could you tell?) I knew it wasn’t because I was losing interest per se, because I’ve been following the blog scene pretty much since the dawn of time and I don’t think I will ever lose that connection. I just… Read more »

Friday Links, on Monday

Whoops posting glitch! By which I mean I did not actually hit…publish. Ahem. Onward!   + Yowza, yowza. This one’s much too hot handle! My friend, mentor & collaborator Angela Finney-Hoffman’s got a gorgeous spot on Refiney29. Amazing style, amazing loft. More pics on here on our blog, Outpost. + I contributed to a Howdy… Read more »

Bloggers by Gabriela Herman

The Gloss:   A Photography Blog:   Letters to Romeo:   Foodspotting: This series gave me the chills. Portraits of Bloggers, by Gabriela Herman. Via Swissmiss.

Happy New Year!

I didn’t draw, design, write, exercise, or work on anything for 10 whole days. Aside from trying some new recipes, it was probably the longest creative hiatus I’ve had, maybe ever. It was divine. Work is a cruel mistress though, always beckoning, and eventually I find my way back to her tumultuous embrace. But with… Read more »