Category: Visual Research

Arm Warmers

I cannot for the life of me understand why these aren’t more popular. Cute? You bet. Practical? Absolutely. I’m going to buy some to coordinate with my favorite shorter sleeved tops for wintertime toastiness. Also, they are perfect for biking since my arms always get cold while the rest of me is overheated. Here’s some… Read more »

Kitsune Noir

Kitsune Noir’s Desktop Wallpaper Project showcases some really suh-weet artists and designers. The whole page is inspiring, like a galley show right on my laptop. Had a hard time picking just a few to showcase here. Andy Miller Kristina Collantes James Gulliver Hancock

Books! Pretty Books!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things today: books! Penguin’s Classics redefined. Delish, no? It’s sculpture! It’s an installation! It’s painting! More here. And check out this new gem of a site I found through La Suisse. I want this book of illustrations by John Burgerman soooo badly.

Madison Museum of Contempory Art

Quickie today, but oh, how much do I love this brand identity. Fondest memories of my alma mater city made fonder still; I must visit this museum soon! Source.

Meedchen's Photostream

These, because they just feel like they fit the day. More follow in this flickr set, but these few are my favorites. Don’t you wish you were at the beach contemplating clouds and seagulls too? From Black Eiffel.