Category: Visual Research

The Best Balloons

The 2008 Best Of lists are starting to crop up, here’s an unconventional one: Best Balloons on the web in 2008. Who doesn’t love balloons? Source.

Proximity Magazine #3

Hooray! It’s almost here! Here’s some teaser images… “Proximity is a magazine dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Our mission is to amplify discourse on local and global art ecologies. We hope to serve as a map—of artists, collectives and alternative spaces to commercial galleries, museums and universities—as means of connecting and cultivating sustainable creative… Read more »

Coffee by Christoph Neimann

I found these lighthearted cartoons amusing today. They’re about one NY Times writer’s love affair with coffee. Anyone who depends on caffeine can certainly relate. Click through to read the accompanying captions, they’re pretty fun too.

Art School Girl Cards & Notes

Handmade cards by Chicago artist Amy Rowan. Series include collages with stitched or screenprinted embellishments, Gocco prints, all made to order. The nostalgic vintage vibe paired with a personal touch makes for some charming pieces. If you like Uppercase products, then you’ll like these too! Also check out Art School Girl along with various others… Read more »

The Pen is Mightier

Dudes. This stop-motion video is awesome. Watch for the joke on kerning at the ending. Brilliant. Source.