Category: Visual Research

Juana Molina

Wow, I’m floored by the dulcet tones of Argentina’s Juana Molina. Abstract layers of sounds, breathy vocals, and meandering melodies. If you like the Books or Bjork, this will definitely suit.

Easy Holiday Party Gift

I adore Paperwhites for the holidays, the smell is gorgeous & so springy for winter. So I obviously like this charming, simple, and cheap gift idea from Maya*Made. Great for hostess gifts! You’ll need these: stones or soil paper white bulb tin can or glass jar from your recycling bin rectangle of fabric the same… Read more »

Julia Rothman for Hygge & West

Today, Chad pointed me in the direction of Julia Rothman’s newest project, these delectable wallpapers for Hygge & West. I love them all.

Visual Evasion

Man I wish my French was better, because this blog showcases some really top-notch work. I love this typographic series with a little bit of everything gathered from typography’s newest online resource.

Anthropomorphic Objects

I’ve heard people talk about certain objects that have certain anthropomorphic tendencies for them, like the Pixar Lamp for example. I feel this way about about clocks, vintage oscillating fans (Mitch Hedgeburg: I have an oscillating fan at my house. It goes back and forth. It looks like the fan is saying “no.” So I… Read more »