Category: Visual Research

Eero Saarinen at the Walker

Went to the Walker today (one of my favorite museums) and there was an exhibition of Eero Saarinen’s work. I didn’t know he designed office complexes, airports, and auditoriums, on top of the amazing furniture he’s well-known for. The were some fantastic pieces to see, for sure, especially the vintage advertisements & print collateral from… Read more »


The local Chicago Christmas shopping scene just got an innovative twist with the launch of Columbia College’s all handmade student produced boutique of treasurely finds. So far no online shopping to be had (though their site is worth clicking through for the pretty pictures) so I may just have to trek down to the south… Read more »

Rune Guneriussen

Speaking of anthropomorphic objects, love these whimsical photos by Rune Guneriussen. From Design You Trust.

No more fugly E-vites! Send sleek & classy email invites with They offer a decent selection of free photos & illustrations (pulled from etsy) but you can also upload your own image & design based off their templates too. When you’re done, invites can be emailed, SMS’ed, or posted to various social networking sites… Read more »