Category: Visual Research

Cocktail Rings on Etsy

From wacky to retro to glamourous, I love the bold statement of cocktail rings. Here are a few I found today on Etsy. From left to right: Hammered Dot Ring by Lotus Jewelery, Boca Petal Ring by PoppiGirl, Bubble Lace Ring by Colleen Baran, Art Nouveau by MoonFaces, Green & Yellow flowers by the Broken… Read more »

Linzie Hunter Sketches

These lovely sketches look like some you’d find on one of my fave sites, Book By its Cover. I discovered them, however, here on Behance’s Typography off-shoot site. Very cool finds there.

Make Your Own Muppet!

Today’s most charming dispatch comes via my friend Maya through Jason Santa Maria: Yes, friends. It’s true. How do more people not do this? Build-A-Bear what? I’d like to introduce you all to Lucille, my hot rockabilly hipster girl. She’s tooootally loves Elvis Costello, Film Noir, and her Chuck Taylors.

Pink Loves Brown

Studio tour! I’ve seen Pink Love Brown goodies in some local Chicago shops (Paper Doll, I think), but didn’t realize how much more there was to see. Thanks, Decor8 for reminding me. Blog, online shop, and full house tour.

Bonjour Mon Coussin

In my internet wanderings in the past few months, I have run across Bonjour Mon Coussin a few different places. Today, I re-discovered them and was wowed all over again. Relatively reasonably priced as well for being both designer items and European.