Category: Visual Research

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy everyone & thank you for reading! Image from Google’s Life Magazine archive, circa 1960. Sparse posts for the next week, as celebrations allow.

Mum's Collaged Video

I just saw this AWESOME video last night, They Made Frogs Smoke Until They Exploded (equally awesomely titled) from Co-Prosperity Sphere’s Animation Festival. Definitely going to be one of my favorites, I love the song used as well from the always excellent Icelandic band, Mum.

My Little Underground

Not feeling particularly post-y today (or yesterday for that matter, oops!) so here’s one that doesn’t need much ‘splaining. Buy it here. Source here.

Mike Ruggirello

#4 from mike ruggirello on Vimeo Gorgeous work from Chicago photographer Mike Ruggirello which the Post Family recently displayed. Thanks to Davey for reminding me about his work.

Shaz Madani

I really how Shaz Madani uses typography to convey a social message. Via Seesaw Design Factory, another gorgeous design shop & letterpress studio. {Posting delays brought to you today by WordPress 2.7 issues & internet outages in my apartment.}