Tag: Photography

Madeleine Waller

Brilliant before/after & time-lapse portraiture by Madeleine Waller. Via It’s Nice That.

Howard Bjornson

I guess I’m on a nostalgic kick this week and it continues with the work of Howard Bjornson, a photographer I met back in 2005. I’ve been sorting through my own book this week, re-working stuff and generally updating. I found a postcard I designed for Howard and remembered how much I love his lush… Read more »

Richard Misrach

This past weekend at a friends’ bday party I had a major deja vu moment when I spied an over-sized coffee table book of Richard Misrach’s work. Meandering alone through the Art Institute way back in 2007, I remember catching these seriously GIANT panoramic photos and just being completely astounded by their strength. And then… Read more »

Matt Stuart

Photography by Matt Stuart. Moments of coincidence, some perfectly subtle, but all are pure brilliance. Also, you don’t see many photographers who manage to have substantial color and black & white bodies of work. More here. Via Swissmiss.

Everyone Forever Now

This video, Stoop Sitting, is from a series called Everyone Forever Now. It’s by Everynone, who also produce the Radiolab videos too. All of Everynone’s videos strike this really unique balance of documentary and art that’s poignant without being too over the top.