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Owen Silverwood

Owen Silverwood, photographer. Holy wow, right? Via It’s Nice That.

Sam Ash

In a word these say: Summer. Oh yes. By Sam Ash, via The Strange Attractor.

Where They Create

Printink Textile Printers: Marcel Van Doorn: Monster Children Magazine: Where They Create is a massive series of workspace tours by photographer Paul Barbera. Exclusively artists & designers, it’s an excellent resource for glimpsing how folks work. I like seeing that they’re not perfectly styled as well. That the clutter isn’t messy feeling, but inspiring instead…. Read more »

Calder At Home

Alexander Calder’s home & studio from 1963 book Calder At Home: The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder. Written & photographed by Pedro E. Guerrero. From Old Chum, see more here.


I’m totally fascinated with train-hopping. Modern-day hobos migrating from place to place; willingly homeless and amassing an entire underground network of secret hangouts that criss-cross the country. And it’s apparently on the rise. I’m particularly interested in one self-taught photographer Mike Brodie who made waves documenting this band of travelers, but who hasn’t been heard… Read more »