Tag: Photography

Carl Kleiner

I like Carl Kleiner’s whimsical & delightfully random photography, a lot of which is super geometric and collage-like even though it’s a photo. Source.

Tony Francesconi

Hung up after a skateboarding accident, not only is my buddy Tony Francesconi now new and improved, but he’s back in the game with a new website. Especially love his portrait work, it’s intense and so personal in just the right way. More on his flickr as well.

Cristina Grosan

Just a quickie today, since I’m short on time. Thought the red and blue-y hues of Cristina Grosan’s photos are a great color combination plus they do a great job of mixing humor with a more pensive feel. Find more of her work here on Behance.

Leslie Miles

This is a new blog which uses a word or phrase as a theme for the day’s images. It’s definitely got a little something for everyone: photography, fashion, graphic design, interiors etc. But Leslie Miles has slightly different goal than just showcasing beautiful things, his aim is not to be everyone’s tenth favorite blog, but… Read more »


/M/A/S/H/ is the Australian design firm that has everything. A large body of work, excellent photography, identity projects, typography, packaging, plus just really awesome concepts behind their work. I’m so glad I found them! Source.