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Shushma Prasad, India. Cabinet Secretary, salary converts to $110/mo.   Harsh Deo Prasad, India. Agriculture expert & village chief. $199/mo.   Rodolfo Villca Flores, Bolivia. Chief of municipality & sanitation services. Monthly salary: $143.   Wang Ning, China. Liaison for Economic Affairs, $260/mo   Major Adolph Dalaney, Liberia. Clerk for the Liberia National Police Headquarters…. Read more »

Jessica Labette

Today my eyes are feasting on conceptual photography/installations by Jessica Labette. Love the exuberant colors and surprising compositions. Via Chad.

Friday Links

+ This is the part of winter starts to get reaaaaaally tedious, March is such a tease. So I figured a little reminder of a warm memory from last summer’s Art Camp wouldn’t hurt. Just me, the swing and the sun, taken by famed photographer Bob Coscarellii. You can read more about our adventures last… Read more »

Paul Octavious

Paul Octavious’ work tells incredible stories. I have been meaning to look up this kid for ages, especially since we have mutual friends (hi, Letterform!), but today the stars aligned. Thank you Swissmiss & Frank Chimero for reminding me to right this wrong. Nothing In the Snow from Paul Octavious on Vimeo. Prints from the… Read more »

Almost there

Hitting the ground running, as usual, and I still need another day or two to get my head together, finish my Costa Rica recap, scan the Polaroids we took (almost a hundred of them!) and get everything up on flickr. But here’s a quick little something that finally inspired a blog post. I spent the… Read more »