Shushma Prasad, India. Cabinet Secretary, salary converts to $110/mo.


Harsh Deo Prasad, India. Agriculture expert & village chief. $199/mo.


Rodolfo Villca Flores, Bolivia. Chief of municipality & sanitation services. Monthly salary: $143.


Wang Ning, China. Liaison for Economic Affairs, $260/mo


Major Adolph Dalaney, Liberia. Clerk for the Liberia National Police Headquarters. $18 a month.


A portrait series by Jan Banning with over 50 state administrators in eight different countries. Visits had to be unannounced so that the employees wouldn’t clear or tidy up their office. Authentic, absurd and such a telling insight to a country’s internal bureaucratic process. Incredible! A book of the project can be ordered directly from Jan himself here.

Via this month’s Design Bureau magazine.

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This is so interesting! I was in Bolivia a couple years ago and the Immigration Office looked exactly like this- so simple!


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