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More Vignette

Yesterday I blogged over here with more behind the scenes for tomorrow’s event at Post 27. Can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow and I can’t wait to have our big yahoo moment once it’s all DONE DONE DONE!


*Kickstarter Video Of The Week. New category time, kids! This week’s project is especially close to my heart, my Spudnik Press buddies are trying to raise funds for their new studio space. If you’re in Chicago and are at all DIY savvy, this place is one of the best community resources in the city for… Read more »

Friday Links

+ You can text 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross in support of the Japanese earthquake (tear, sniff!) but processing of text-based donations is not timely and can take 60 to 90 days to be dispersed. Disasters obviously need more immediate support so donate directly through the Red Cross website instead. + Tonight’s… Read more »

The Things We Make, pt 1

Instead of blogging, I’ve been working on a submission for this show. Every evening and the entire weekend for the last two weeks have been focused on this project. Creating the content, designing it, sourcing the materials, printing it, and AND finally assembling it is, uh, quite the time-suck. Maybe even a little crazy-making? Regardless,… Read more »

Paul Octavious

Paul Octavious’ work tells incredible stories. I have been meaning to look up this kid for ages, especially since we have mutual friends (hi, Letterform!), but today the stars aligned. Thank you Swissmiss & Frank Chimero for reminding me to right this wrong. Nothing In the Snow from Paul Octavious on Vimeo. Prints from the… Read more »