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Friday Links

Our street after the plows finally came through, taken by Chad. + Post Family member Alex Fuller’s publishing company, 5×7 Books. + Reasonably priced sustainable electricity IS an option. Blue Star Energy offers wind-powered coverage to a handful of states, premiums are slightly higher, but I’d pay it in a heartbeat. Especially in light (pun… Read more »

Plural by Middle Mind Project

That right there is some of the city’s best graphic talent, undisputed. Video by Middle Mind Project, another favorite must-see if you’re looking for inspiring well-produced profiles of people who make cool shit. The most recent ones have original music too, which just blows my damn mind even further. Settle down friends, will ya? I’m… Read more »

Desktime Chicago

Are your cats proving to be far too tempting a distraction from working at home? Finding yourself bantering with your microwave instead a real person? Or maybe you travel to Chicago a lot and you’ve had it up to here with the insufferable hotel Wifi, not to mention the endless hotel-beige. Maybe it’s time to… Read more »

Howard Bjornson

I guess I’m on a nostalgic kick this week and it continues with the work of Howard Bjornson, a photographer I met back in 2005. I’ve been sorting through my own book this week, re-working stuff and generally updating. I found a postcard I designed for Howard and remembered how much I love his lush… Read more »

Nancy Rosen, More is More

Nancy Rosen, the Offical Mom of the Post Family (circa 1985 with the birth of Sam), closes out a fitting end to the scheduled shows this year at ye Olde Post Fam. Not only is Nancy and accomplished painter, but she’s the kind of grown-up I want to be when I grow up. Inspires me… Read more »