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You Are Here

Come to Rainbo this Sunday to support Stephanie Bassos and my friend Linsey Burritt (aka Studio Rosse). They’ve orchestrated a show with photography and window installations and brilliant things are expected! Jan 11th, 8:30pm, 1150 N. Damen ave.

Studio Kanna

Really inspired by the branding at this Japanese firm. Great patterns, genius typography. Via.

Tsang Kin-Wah

Seriously blown away by Chinese illustrator & Artist Tsang Kin-Wah. I can’t believe the intricacy of these, all hand painted, I’m sure in person on such a huge scale they’re even more amazing. Via Graphic Hug.

Here Goes Nothing…

Until now I’ve been quietly, slowly building and maintaining this site. But today, it’s all ready and official! So in the spirit of this most splendid event, I’m offering desktop wallpaper for your downloading pleasure. Also, see? Over there in the sidebar there’s a Freebies section which I’ll be updating monthly with other wallpapers, dings,… Read more »


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