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Mid-Century Modernist

Mad Men fans & Mid-Century Maniacs rejoice, for this is the site for you. I don’t know where I’ve been, but this is exactly the kind of inspiration from this era that I’ve been looking for. Via.

Captain Cavity Cereal: Space Junk 2

I just love this zine from Andrew Neyer. It’s cereal box, printed by hand, filled with actual cereal but THEN his 64 page comic is shrink-wrapped inside. Just like a prize! Great work, great concept & great execution. More photos & review at Book By Its Cover.

The Book Cover Archive

{Today’s post brought to you today by the letter 4, the color yellow and my friend Maya Bruck designer extraodinaire. After sweating many a moon coding this site in her space time, she’s now working on starting a non-profit design organization called the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization, or CUDO. So exciting! The focus is on developing… Read more »

Mel Kadel

I really really adore Mel Kadel’s work, I had such a hard time choosing which to post! It has a lot of the same qualities of Edward Gorey’s work, plus her use of color is simply inspired. More on her in this Fecal Face interview. Source.

Sketchbook Scans

Greetings friendly friends! Here’s some sketch ideas for custom hand typeface which I’ve been working on. It’s pro-bono spec work, so who knows if it will go anywhere. But it’s fun and good practice all the same!