Big Cartel's 100k Project

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This, THIS is what I am talking about. Web design and page layout together like chocolate and peanut butter. The design and the functionality complement each other perfectly. This is what all those clunky online magazines are trying to do, but instead are practically useless when it comes to creating engaging online content. Big Cartel is the force behind the site, it’s a special feature they developed in celebration of their 100,000th shop, Lillian Crowe.


Diane Faye Zerr

I was just asking about online magazines on twitter! I don’t understand why they stick with the typical magazine format when now when they can take it online and remove so many of the size/format restrictions!

This is perfect!!!


Totally! And the weird zoom features and the interfaces are all over the place. Blechhh! Just a huge mess and a barrier for reading and absorbing the content. Scrap ’em all I say and hire a smarty-pants designer & developer for an end result is going to push the internet in some amazing new territory.

Glad you like too, Diane!


Yes! Took a ton of screenshots of this when it came out. So inspiring to see web used as an excellent storytelling advice. Everything Indie Labs does it so awesome.


Oooh! Indie Labs did this? I guess I didn’t think about it, but of course they did. Awesome. Thank you, Melanie!


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