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Analog interface ideas

Interface Inspiration from 37signals on Vimeo. These dudes are so brilliant it really grates my cheddar. I can’t wait to look for my own interface inspiration in real world objects. I wish more web designers would do things like this, I’m bored by the huge portions of the web that are just remixes of the… Read more »

Let's recap, shall we?

I have precisely 15 minutes to push out this missive, so I’m just going for it! Here’s what happened in the last month. Chad & I went to Minnesota to hang out with my fam and do some co-working at Loose Cubes. But we also got a really stellar behind-the-scenes tour of the Walker Art… Read more »

Friday Links

+ Ooh la-la! L’Affiche Moderne’s got a pretty new website. It’s a major step up, and really makes me itchy to buy many arty things. + Chronicle Books is having a spring sale! Enter code SPRING11 at checkout to get 30% off. I’m seriously considering The Art of McSweeney’s which showcases all of the printed… Read more »

Studio Lin

Good goodness, talk about complete & prolific package. Studio Lin is the Manhattan-based design studio of Alex Lin. His work covers print, web, motion, identity, there’s really nothing this cat can’t do! Color me a fan, Batman.

Strand Design

Product designers, Strand Design just re-launched their website and now you can buy their gorgeous furniture & accessories online! Strand does desks, lighting and even an ingenious origami influenced messenger bag made from salvaged materials. My favorite is the Core System desk, the yellow detailing on the side is a brilliant touch. My former (for… Read more »