My buddy Matt Hooks (whom you may remember by some of the fine javascript handiwork he threw down on the POST 27 site) has got a new project in the works. He and some of his buddies run a small theater company, Abraham Werewolf, and they are trying to launch a new production on Kickstarter called PAPER THIN WALLS. Check their pitch, watch the video synopsis and see if you can’t help them get their work out there. $5 gets you a seat at one of the preview shows, $12 seat during the regular performances (regularly $15). Auditions are being held April 9th & 10th too.

PAPER THIN WALLS is a modern morality play set in adjacent apartments in a Chicago low-rise. Richard and Liz live next door to Hank, a burgeoning young writer. Hank combats his writer’s block by using the couple’s domestic quarrels as creative fuel. When the line blurs between the artist and his subjects, all three must face the reality of their aspirations.

PAPER THIN WALLS will be performed at The Viaduct Theatre:
June 10th–13th and 17–20th.
The show starts at 7pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and at 3pm on Sundays.

Press previews will be performed June 4th and 5th at 7pm.

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