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Adi Goodrich + Sirocco Research Labs

Happy Monday dudes! I feel awesome today, my mouth is nearly healed and chilling out for a few days did tons and tons for my productivity. Just in time to prepare for the usual holiday madness! If you’re looking for a special gift this year, look no further than my friend Adi Goodrich who draws… Read more »

Hattie Newman

I’ve kept a tab open of Hattie Newman’s work open for nearly a month already. I’ve forgotten entirely where I found her illustrations and paper landsacpes, but I’ve kept it up because it’s so stinking exuberant. Every time I return to the tab I get a little jolt of cheer. Thank you for the small… Read more »


My buddy Matt Hooks (whom you may remember by some of the fine javascript handiwork he threw down on the POST 27 site) has got a new project in the works. He and some of his buddies run a small theater company, Abraham Werewolf, and they are trying to launch a new production on Kickstarter… Read more »