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Weekly Workspace Photo

Okay, so not a picture of my workspace per se, but photos I took by myself on Friday using two studio lights, reflectors, tripod, and tethered to my Macbook. After a lesson from Bracket Studios, of course. I don’t hate these shots and I didn’t spend tons of time photoshopping them, which is an improvement… Read more »

Friday Links

+ Check out my friend Meghan McEwen on Design Milk! So stinking cute. Meghan’s quite the accomplished writer and has put together a great list of things to do in Detroit. While you’re at it, check out her interior design/travel blog, Design Tripper, which I helped design & develop too. (Hi Meghan!) + This, folks,… Read more »

Friday Links

I’m adding a new feature to my Friday post, along the Howdy Do It lines, with iPhone shots of my work spaces throughout the week. Yes, spaces plural. I’ve come to realize how unusual it is that I choose to be so mobile, but the variety in environments definitely helps me stay focused on work…. Read more »

Startup Quotes!

It’s all about the B-word today kids. The most hated necessary thing, aside from the dentist. It’s BUSINESS, bitches and everyone can use inspiration on the topic. If I were on Startup Quotes! I’d say that you don’t learn it unless you DO it. A lot. Via Make Cool Shit.

Howdy Do It #21 – Mini Mix

Howdy Do It came from “how do you do It,” the question Ellie & Margot found themselves asking about their freelance lifestyles, and so Howdy Do It was born, a column about the things we do to keep ourselves organized, inspired and on track. Right now, Howdy is only making sporadic appearances here on Pitch,… Read more »