Friday Links


I’m adding a new feature to my Friday post, along the Howdy Do It lines, with iPhone shots of my work spaces throughout the week. Yes, spaces plural. I’ve come to realize how unusual it is that I choose to be so mobile, but the variety in environments definitely helps me stay focused on work. And this week is unique too, as I’ve just started renting a desk space 2-3 days/week from the Conservatory, which is run by INDO Projects and comes complete with the world’s sweetest and sleepiest greyhound.

+ Check out my friend Stacey & Steve’s gorgeous apartment on Time Out Chicago’s Home Living.

+ Found myself stumped by styling tables in inDesign this week. Here’s a good tutorial I found that helped.

+ Code My Concept is a Photoshop-to-HTML service that I just discovered (thank you, Linsey!). I’m thinking it would spit out some fantastic starter HTML that I can then blow out/tweak as needed. There’s gotta be a Developer out there with an opinion on such services, anyone care to weigh on these services?

+ Next Tuesday the 12th, Panel Discussion at Columbia College Chicago. See you there?


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