P0WeR LADiE$ Pomodoro Playlist

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Y’all. Do I ever have a treat for you today! Aside from lots of amazing animated .gifs, I mean, it’s  a Pomodoro playlist all about the lady and non-conforming gender-fluid love. Sometimes we all need some power ladies in our ears and this is that. Of course there are MANY iterations of this playlist but it can’t be more than 45 minutes, so I could make this a series. Any recommendations? I will always want to know about the ladies that give you an extra dose of life. Today’s mix is all about raw, strong beats, and boss vocals.

{What’s Pomodoro? Good question! It’s a modified version of the Pomodoro Technique which uses a 20-min timer to stay on task and help track time spent on them. You can read more here and here.}

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