Call for Applicants!


And here goes my first post in a long time, let’s get this show on the road. Friend, I’m hiring. I’m doing it. The position will be a part-time paid Production Designer position for someone in Chicago. More on that in a minute, because first I want to explain why. In my unannounced but definitely intentional break from publishing much on the internet this year, I’ve been digging real deep trying to figure out what to do with this business of mine. After 7 years I was burnt out, overwhelmed, tired of the internet, and feeling like I’d hit a plateau. I couldn’t figure out what to do to get excited about any of it anymore. I considered quitting the whole field, several times. I read many blog posts and articles on business, dutifully filled my Morning Pages almost every day, made time to explore my own creative interests, and consulted my coven of biz lady advisors until my head swam with advice and ideas yet still nothing felt right. Eventually I had to let it go, let the chatter die down, and resign myself to the fact I might feel stagnant for awhile. Or that once I stopped looking, the solution it would make itself known.

That’s pretty much what happened. One idea that came up early on and continued to resurface was the idea of someone to manage the small tasks that pop up during the week. Initially this was a terrifying idea, such responsibility and pressure! But gradually, as I continued to explore it, while I slowly set aside small sums for funding growth, it became the thing that allowed me to breath for a minute. Right now 2-3 days of my week are absorbed with file work, small revisions, and various implementation tasks. It adds up to quite an expanse of time. And, with help there, I can do more for this little business. Things like write more, keep on building a body of personal work. Pitch more projects instead of only responding to referrals, and do some more of things that never seem get done. All I need is some fresh energy and I can keep going. As long as that happens, the rest will take care of itself from there.

As far as the type of working culture I strive for, I pledge to bring my best self everyday. I operate under this assumption, but am also understanding when the occasional off day happens. Because humanity. Together we will work out a system for feedback so you can speak freely without fear of reproach. I also won’t expect you to work with me every day IRL, or even hang out with me outside of work. Unless you want to. You need your own life and I want to facilitate that as well. I like to celebrate accomplishments, but because I’m more introverted, not with drinking or partying hard. I like to be home at a reasonable hour and can’t afford to feel hungover. When it’s time for Treat Yo Self, it’ll be through a financial bonus, a nice meal, visiting a cultural event, or a spa day. That kind of thing. I’m interested in your ideas for ways to add expand on all of this too!

You can learn more about the specifics of the job, time & schedule guidelines, pay scale, inclusionary statement, as well as submit yourself here.

Please share, I would love for you to spread the word or invite anyone who yourself or whomever you think would be good for this. I’ll be reviewing applications over the next 10 days and will be scheduling interviews the week of September 21st. I hope to complete the process by the end of the month.

Thank you for reading, I know this long dormant blog doesn’t have the traffic it once did, but maybe one day we’ll get back there. In the meantime, know I’m grateful for any and all eyeballs taking a few minutes with me here today. <3

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