Things I Read, Week of 10/6*

Between Anita Sarkeesian’s XOXO talk about her online harrasment (above) and Kathy Seirra’s story on why she’s leaving twitter again, it’s been a doozy of a week for feminists online. So, I’ve decided to include only articles in support of non cis men in this week’s dispatch.

+ First how women – who are generally criticized more, and in more personal ways than men – can learn to expect, parse, and deflect the criticism that will come our way if we do our jobs well. Follow up with Ann Friedman’s Disapproval Matrix for dealing with haters.

+ On keeping the T in LGBT from being erased on television via the superb show, Transparent, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

+ Wonder Woman is largely based on Margaret Sanger, the woman who invented the idea of birth control in 1916 and founded America’s first women’s health clinics that evolved into today’s Planned Parenthood. Funny how the same fight for birth control was going on in 1916 and remains largely unchanged these days.

+ The Dawn of the Post-Clinic Abortion. This story would make an incredible film that I’d watch the heck out of.

+ The moms and eventual moms out there: there’s nothing wrong with the mommy track.

+ This charming series on surprising things about parenting outside of America. Prepare to experience some travel wanderlust.

+ There’s no such thing as “the cool girl”.

*As of 11:30am today. Also why am I writing this series now? It’s a means to get back to regular writing, and I don’t send my newsletters often enough that these stories are as timely there. And it’s a catalog that tracks how much and what I’m reading online, instead of mindlessly consuming content and getting feelings that I don’t do anything about. I basically keep a draft open all week and plug in the links I’ve read, and then publish on Friday. It’s a way to combat faux cultural literacy that we’ve probably all run into from time to time.

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