An open letter to my photo friends

Time to take my pants off and get real. Don’t you get tired of people asking you for your photos?

Like, I can imagine it gets to be annoying shooting an event and being hounded by people like me for pictures after the fact. It’s like that camera is a target and me, your Mom, and everyone else sees it and wants what you have.

I’ve asked a handful of photographers about this and all of them have assured me it’s really no big deal and they love to share their work. But most of the time it seems easier said than done. Maybe you had every intention of sending them out and it falls through the cracks, but why lead me to believe I will get to see the shots then? There has also been times when I’ve wanted to use specific photos and have offered to pay usage fees or buy them outright, but no one has actually come back with a price either. Which is confusing? Don’t you like money?

There’s gotta be a way to make this easier for both of us. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could publish a gallery of photos directly from Lightroom to the web and it came with a shopping cart feature so I could go to it, pay for the photo (at whatever royalty options), and download it at the size of my choice. Boom, done. I wouldn’t even have to email you if you didn’t want. Does a thing like this exist already? If not, we should build it. Or maybe I’m going about all this the wrong way. Please educate me, my beloved photographers. I heart you and genuinely want to know the best way to respect and support your work and process.

*This is no way aimed at any particular photographer, but is a general question towards the field as a whole. If you want to comment, by all means go for it, just keep your civil hat on. I’m not interested in folks going off the deep end about those kray-kray photographers because that is counterproductive and the opposite of what I’m going for here.


Emilia Jane

This does exist and I almost always do it. I use smugmug, the pro account costs me $150/year but that’s SO worth it even just for online backup for all of my galleries at full res. It gives ordering AND download options for clients/friends. And pretty much it’s perfect.


Yesssssss. I need to work with more photogs like you! Thank you for the idea, Emilia. I will check it out!

Tony Francesconi

I think that for the most part event photography is ad-hock, post it up with a password, so that people don’t snag whatever they want.

Yep Lightroom can accomplish all that and more.


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