The Outliers Project, Vol 1

Logged 39 hours in three days this week, when that happens there’s just not much left for doing fun stuff on ze internets. C’est la vie! But at least you know I can’t quit you. And now I can finally get to all these things I’ve been meaning to blog and that is awesome news indeed.

I’ve started to hear rumblings of Kickstarter donor fatigue here and there, which bums me out. I’m definitely not tired of hearing about all the nerdy projects people are trying to attempt, but even more importantly, I think encouraging this kind of can-do spirit facilitates amazing things for society exponentially. So when my photographer friend Ryan Sievert emailed me his project, Outliers, Vol 1 I knew it was worth a mention.

Ryan’s film collective are trying to get a team together to fly and travel across to Iceland to film a series of improvised musical shorts. This project comes with heavy production costs, but when you take a look at the talent involved it’s easy to see that this is no accident. It certainly gets my vote for most beautiful in that dreamy, ethereal way that comes so easily to Nordic countries (uh, Sigur Ros anyone?). Backing the project will get you various combinations of downloads, the soundtrack, prints, or a boxed set of the entire series. If you live in Chicago, we’re luckier still, there will be screenings IF we’re able to support this into reality.

There’s just 23 days left.

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