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Alex Fuller’s conceptual take on social media, Onamountaintop might be one of the smartest projects I’ve seen recently. He explains it better than I could:

“I do not enjoy most social media platforms. They seem more like popularity contests than anything else. I only say that because I have less than 200 friends on Faceplace. That’s why I developed onamountaintop.com with developer, Noah Bernsohn. At it’s most basic form, I believe social media is a dialogue. Onamountaintop.com allows users to say whatever it is they want to say with no accounts, no friends and no poking. Once the user’s entry fades to white, their words are gone forever. Just as one’s voice echoes into the valley from a mountain top. Pure poetry.”

Very elegant design, delightfully anonymous, and inspiring coding too. Nice work guys.

Via French Exit & Alex Fuller.


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