Here's to Holiday Cheer!

Picture 11

At the moment, I’m in Minnesota celebrating with family and it is a veritable winter wonderland up here, with 12-14 inches* of snow predicted in the next 3 days. And as the blogosphere falls to a lull for the holidays, I’m thinking I will be sporadic around these here parts until the new year as well. But I’ll send you on your merry way with many thanks & wishes for delightful and safe celebrations. Half the fun of blogging is the people at the other end of the computer and if it weren’t for y’all this space would be not nearly as rewarding. So thank you for that friends! Cheers & see you cats next year!

*Uh, amend this to a record of 18-19 inches of snow. Holy moly!!

{Image credit: Gabriela D. Costa}

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