Rejuvenation Fixtures & Hardware


I’m one of those renters with absolutely tragic light fixtures and while I’m not quite savvy enough to swap out and rewire a pendant or wall sconce on my own, I know I could make it work given the right piece…Or the right price I should say. Well, Angela turned me onto the Portland-based Rejuvenation which sells American made fixtures & hardware. They’ve got a huge range of styles, colors and finishes and among their Mid-Century & Period Basics lines there are some real gems. 6″ fitter shades start at around 50 bones, pendants are in the $150-$300 range. Plus not only is Rejuvenation working towards a carbon neutral footprint & supply chain, but they also use eco-friendly packaging materials, offer employees financial incentives for using alternative transportation for their commutes, and has a handful of philanthropy programs for local folks in need. All-in-all, one hell of a stellar company worth supporting if you’ve got any interior projects going on.

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