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I’ve seen lots of these dreamy polaroid-esque photos lately but these sweet-as-sugar photos by Cassia Beck caught my eye. The color palette is totally my 4th grade windbreaker. I think my fave is the Matryoshka dolls, I’ve always had a thing for those buddies. Cassia’s flickr, blog, and prints for sale here and here. Via Cafe Cartolina.



I think I had that windbreaker too! Love, love, love the cars. Makes me think of my grandparents’ house.

p.s. I’ve been quietly obsessing over your blog, and finally got off my butt and started my own. – gave you a shoutout in the sidebar!

xoxoxoxoxo miss you!


OH MY GOD! Ellen. Fantastic great amazing news! I’m so proud of you. I’ll be reading for sure.


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