ShakeItPhoto Icon Design


Yo yo yo, look what Nick Campbell & I made! Well mostly Nick is responsible for this iPhone app, but he needed some design help so we jammed out this cute little icon for ShakeItPhoto. And it’s only .99¢ in the app store. Cause who doesn’t want Polaroid for the iPhone? Also check out the ShakeItPhoto flickr page as well as PhotoShakeDown for lots of cool inspiration on what people are doing with ShakeItPhoto.

Aaaaand here’s Nick doing a walk-through of 1.1’s features. Plus I just think Nick’s videos are entertaining too.



One thing I wanted to add..this app is great. However some pictures I’ve taken where the focus is too high or too low get’s cropped out of the ShakeIt “Polaroid”.

The solution to this is to download the free app CropForFree, take your picture with the regular iPhone camera, crop it with CropForFree and then process it through ShakeIt Photo!


Um, I’m completely obsessed with this app. I look slightly insane shaking my iPhone in the streets but it’s completely worth it. Everything looks better in Polaroid.


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