Tag: Web design

Big Cartel's 100k Project

This, THIS is what I am talking about. Web design and page layout together like chocolate and peanut butter. The design and the functionality complement each other perfectly. This is what all those clunky online magazines are trying to do, but instead are practically useless when it comes to creating engaging online content. Big Cartel… Read more »

Internet Landscapes by Niko Princen

Boggling, no? Feels a lot like what my laptop’s desktop looks like most days. By Niko Princen. Via Today & Tomorrow.

Lost World's Fairs

You know when you get really busy and the Internet blows up in your absence, but then there’s all this exciting stuff to catch up on after you’ve unearthed yourself? I always look forward to that. I’m not quite there yet this week, but I just had to post about this despite being so sleepy… Read more »

The Wilderness Downtown

Written and directed by Chris Milk, The Wilderness Downtown is an stunning interactive collaboration between Google Maps, Chrome, HTML 5 and Arcade Fire. It’s the best example of a viral campaign I’ve ever seen. So, so stinking gorgeous. Crank up your speakers and prepare to be wowed as the internet does things you’ve never seen… Read more »


Huge, huge crush on design blog, 1983. I’ve never seen a blog like it. It’s also anonymous and has no RSS, which I find intriguing. Anybody know the kids behind this mysterious endeavor?