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Friday Links

+ Weekly work week shots from the 65th floor of the Aon Building where I spent a day cranking out last minute edits to Edelman’s 8095 white paper. Read more about this groundbreaking study at PSFK and Fast Company.   Here’s some screengrabs of the layouts:     And not to be overlooked: + Sonnenzimmer’s… Read more »

Lost World's Fairs

You know when you get really busy and the Internet blows up in your absence, but then there’s all this exciting stuff to catch up on after you’ve unearthed yourself? I always look forward to that. I’m not quite there yet this week, but I just had to post about this despite being so sleepy… Read more »


Graffiti by Russian artist, Aske. Edited: There’s a full article about Aske in issue #1 of Design Bureau magazine, which is also a must-see.

Project Thirty Three

Gorgeous album covers on Project Thirty Three, curated by Jive Time Records. Via AisleOne.

More Olivetti Design

So I re-found this dreamy set of vintage Olivetti graphic design (so many new images!), on Veerle Pieters’ a blog which is worth a post on its own. Stunning content, but the site is meticulously detailed and completely coded by hand, her hand. Female developers with such extensive skill with both front & back-end development… Read more »