Tag: Typography

Beard Font

Made me laugh. No credits to the designer though, no one seems to know! Bummer, it’s too funny to not give them due credit. Source.

Obsessive Consumption

I love Kate Bingaman-Burt’s concept and illustration style. She photographs all of her
purchases and hand draws both her credit card statements and something else she purchases each day. And on top of that she publishes her monthly sketches into zines, for sale on her etsy shop. Color me a fan for sure.

Shaz Madani

I really how Shaz Madani uses typography to convey a social message. Via Seesaw Design Factory, another gorgeous design shop & letterpress studio. {Posting delays brought to you today by WordPress 2.7 issues & internet outages in my apartment.}

The Dot & The Line

Vintage animated typographic love story?! How could you say no? That Dot, she is a flighty little minx. What wiles await for our champion, the Line, as he attempts to win her everlasting amour? Oh, but the adversarial Squiggle stands in the way. Such cunning drama and suspense! Source

Visual Evasion

Man I wish my French was better, because this blog showcases some really top-notch work. I love this typographic series with a little bit of everything gathered from typography’s newest online resource.