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Preparing for NYC

From this: To this: Love that magic moment when the pieces come together and then poof! You have it in your hand. Also, the Post Family’s Chandler-Price is definitely not a press for the novice. Which is me, so I end up cranking it by hand because it’s far to fast for me to use… Read more »

The Outliers Project, Vol 1

Logged 39 hours in three days this week, when that happens there’s just not much left for doing fun stuff on ze internets. C’est la vie! But at least you know I can’t quit you. And now I can finally get to all these things I’ve been meaning to blog and that is awesome news… Read more »

The Tiny House Blog

A few cuties from the Tiny House blog. Could you live in a tiny house? I think it would be fun, a little sanctuary where you couldn’t do anything but relax & reflect.

The City Scout

Those amazing Studio Sweet Studio girls have another new project in the works, City Scout, where you can go to get the inside scoop on your favorite designer’s favorite haunts. So far just it’s just Chicago peeps, but Brooklyn etc are on their way!

Dutch Tulip Round-Up

Oh spring, come quick! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to be in Holland during tulip season which is now just seconds away. The countryside all swathed in color as far as the eye can see, the air thick with the scent of spring. And then, all of a sudden it’s harvest time and they’re… Read more »