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Honor & Folly!

My friend Meghan just opened her own B&B: Honor & Folly! Features all the love & trappings from Detroit’s finest designers and artisans. It’s a really authentic way to experience this hard city. I can’t wait to stay the next time I’m Detroit! Book rooms here. Oh, and they also have cooking classes too!  … Read more »

Alt Summit Anyone?

This is honestly something that I assumed I’d never ever get to do. Me? A design blog conference? Crazy talk! Such a thing is for the pros! But me and Kate Singleton will be there in Salt Lake City, doing a roundtable discussion on what it means to be a BitBlogger. Who else is going?!… Read more »

Holding Pattern.

Who knew my impending visit to the oral surgeon would snatch my desire to write as well. Bear with me friends, I’ll be back as soon as I’m well again. In the meantime I’ve been entertaining reveries of the perfect spot to recoup. Things that come to mind: a cavernously deep soaking tub, a sweeping… Read more »

One more Portland

I can’t help it! I forgot I took this picture too, it’s all of the ephemera we collected last week. Business cards, notes, gifts from students and new friends, museum flyers, and my newest addition to my notebook collection: a school bus yellow Rollbahn. Yum. Thank you for making me feel so welcome, Portland. It’s… Read more »

Portland: All the Rest

Few people make an effort to sniff out interesting stationery, handmade books, and zines when they travel, but get Chad, Kate Bingaman-Burt & I in a car together and apparently that’s all we want to do all the day long day. In fairness we did stop by the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft to take… Read more »