Tag: Textiles


Stephanie of Antwept-based Stip/Ontwerpt got in touch with some of her new work! I just love it when folks send me updates on what they’re up to. Looks good as always, thanks Stephanie!


Pretty pretty dresses from Finnish designers Leifsdottir. I could take one of everything!

Maurizio Pellegrin

Fantastic installation work from Italian artist Maurizio Pellegrin. I appreciate anyone who can put such a disparate group of objects together in such a tight composition. He uses scale really nicely too.

Sanna Annuka

If you follow Marrimekko at all then you’ve likely heard of Sanna Annuka. Pattern-Designer Supreme, this chick is not messing around. See more at Notcot, they’ve got a nice little write up in their archives.

Browser Clean Up

Ok guys, as some of you may know I have a terrible problem with too many tabs open in my browser. So today/this weekend is Browser Clean Up Time. Some of them aren’t particularly design related, but it wouldn’t be blogging if I censored myself, would it? So here goes, in order of their appearance… Read more »