Tag: Sculpture

Calder At Home

Alexander Calder’s home & studio from 1963 book Calder At Home: The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder. Written & photographed by Pedro E. Guerrero. From Old Chum, see more here.

Lauren Clay

Love the cartoonish feel Lauren Clay’s paper sculpture work has. Via the Daily Smudge.

Abigail Reynolds

Stunning cut & folded paper sculptures by Abigail Reynolds. Via Kempt Life.

Proximity Magazine #004

{Magdalena Bors} {Scott Hocking} {Aurel Schmidt} Here’s a small taste of some of the artists in the upcoming Proximity mag. This is by no means exhaustive, there’s plenty more to be seen once it drops. Which if all goes according to plan, will be sent to the printer…sometime soon… tonight…hopefully?? Keep your fingers crossed for… Read more »

Noriko Ambe

Japanese artist, Noriko Ambe’s work is so gorgeous. Her cut-paper sculptures resemble topography or the rings of a tree. I especially like when she pairs this technique with images of people because I think it’s a witty metaphor for the subtleties of the human condition. Via Kottke.org