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Friday Links

I’m short on words again. Oh, blah-di-dah. This week really had its way with me between a surprise beaucoup expensive traffic ticket, a smashed iphone, taxes and one large decision. Even my feet proved too tricky yesterday when I took a spill, resulting in ripped tights (my fave pair, natch) and a matching set of… Read more »

Michael Hunter

Sculpture, painting, and assemblage from Chicago-based artist Michael Hunter.

Nick van Woert

Surprise! It’s a bust covered with polyurethane. Completely unexpected. All of Nick van Woert’s sculpture work is hilarious and weird. Love. Via Today and Tomorrow.

Henk Visch

I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I love these. By Dutch sculptor, Henk Visch. Via Ffffound.

Elvira Wersche

These sand patterns by Elvira Wersche are just amazing. See more here. Via Jokemijn.